Overseas Orders

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Shopping Guide for Overseas Customers 


Q1. How to Select Local Currency or Taiwanese Dollars?

To toggle between your local currency and Taiwanese Dollars, please refer as following steps:



You can also Enter English version website by this link




● The Currency Converter uses several pieces of information to determine your local currency.

● After toggling the currency, you can see your local currency on the web pages.

● Payment is settled in Taiwanese dollars. Terms, exchange rate, timing, and currency exchange handling fee are set forward by the card issuing company.




Q2. Payment Methods

2.1 If you live in overseas..

Please pay for your order before delivery.

You can make payment by following method:

● Credit Card

● UnionPay Card


2.2 If you are a foriegner and you live in Taiwan..

You can make payment by following method:

 Online Credit Card
● Cash paid on Delivery (only available in Taiwan)

   Please notes there will be addtional fee NT$60

● FamilyMart Pickup/7-11 Pickup



● We currently accept only Visa Card, Master Card, and JCB Card.

● Please check if your online and international transactions available with your card issuing bank.



Q3. How to Calculate Shipping Costs?Order with Free Shipping?

● If you live overseas, please send message to us on Facebook to confirm shipping cost with us.  

● If you are a foreigner and you live in Taiwan,the Shipping Fee is determined by package weight, after adding items to your shopping cart, you will know how much does shipping cost. Once the total amount of your order has reached NT$800, you can enjoy free shipping.

● Overseas Delivery and Handling Fee includes shipping by air and local delivery, invoice fee and other costs. 



Q4. How to buy on UR8D?

You can buy UR8D's products through computer or cellphone.

If you live overseas..

Please refer to following steps to make order:

1. Please send message to us on Facebook and provide information as follow:

-Product link that you want to buy

-Country and city where you live


2. UR8D customer service will provide you with a link of your products with shipping cost for you to make order. Please click "BUY NOW" to enter "shopping cart" page. Then refer to the Step 3 to proceed checkout.


3. Select "Home Delivery" (other options are only available in Taiwan. )

-Select City and district randomly (since it only have Taiwanese options)

-Type your address

-Select "Credit card" or "UnionPay Card" for payment

-Filling in your billing info

-Type your full address including COUNTRY, CITY and ZIP CODE

-Click on "Continue to checkout." Then entering your credit card info to make






If you are a foriegner and you live in Taiwan..


Steps of ordering on the computer


 Step 1. Search the items and select it


 Using the search bar

At the top of the website on the right side, you will see a search icon. Enter in any product's name directly to search it. Enter product's name in the search box.



 Browsing by category

On the top of every page, you will see the category bar. Please click on the category to open the category menu. You will see the detail of the category on the left side.

Searching by category, it will return more results since it is a broader search feature.


If you are looking for perticular brands, please search by category and click on the left side to choose brands. EX: If you are looking for Burberry perfume, please click on the category of "perfume", then click on the left side of "Burberry", it will shows all the perfume of Burberry.




Step 2. Select an item


 Click on an item

This will reveal the product’s page so that you can read a description, product details, and reviews. You may also see additional photos of the product.





Step 3. Select "add to cart" or "buy now" 


 Click on "ADD TO CART"

If you may buy more products, you can click "ADD TO CART" to put the items in the shopping cart, and continue to shop other items.


After selecting all the items into shopping cart, you can click on the icon of shopping cart on the right of the page.



 Click on "BUY NOW" to proceed to checkout.


 Click on "BUY NOW" 

If you decided to buy this item right away, please click on "BUY NOW". It will comes out shopping cart page. 



You can either log in Line, Facebook or Google to proceed to checkout. By logging in through LINE, Facebook, Google to join UR8D's memeber, you can earn reward 50 points. 1 points=NT$1 discount! Once the total amount of order has reached NT$800, You can use the points right away.


 Step 4. Select shipping & payment and billing info



If you are foreigners live in Taiwan..

Method 1.

Choose "Home Delivery" for shipping.

Select your city and district, and entering your address

*If the total amount of your order has reach NT$800, you can enjoy free

frieght. If not, it will charge NT$80 freight. Then, select credit card for




Method 2. 

Choose "黑貓貨到付款" for shipping.

*In this way, you can make payment on delivery. Please notes it will

charge additional fee NT$60

Select your city and district, and entering your address

*If the total amount of your order has reach NT$800, you can enjoy free

frieght. If not, it will charge NT$80 freight.



Choose "FamilyMart Pickup" or "7-11 Pickup" for shipping and payment. *In this way, you can make payment on delivery in the nearby convenience stores-FamilyMart/7-11.

*If the total amount of your order has reach NT$800, you can enjoy free frieght. If not, it will charge NT$60 freight.




 STEP 2.Check the store number 

 You can check the store number of the nearby convenience store(7-11/FamilyMart) from your daily invoice as following example:

STEP 3. Entering the store number

Example of FamilyMart Pickup:


Example of 7-11 Pickup:





 Step 5. Filling in your billing info


UR8D's logistics will devliver your order by billing info, so please make sure

the info is correct to avoid delaying of the shipping.

*Please use your real name which corresponding with your ID card (passport) for COD on FamilyMart Pickup/7-11 Pickup.

Click on "Continue to checkout" to make payment (If you choose credit card for

payment) or to complete the order. 



Q5. How to Track My package

You can find the tracking information for orders fulfilled by UR8D in My Account/ Order History section. To check the tracking status of your order, follow the steps given below:

If you are a foreigner and you live in Taiwan:

step 1. Login first and go to My Account.

step 2. Click on the Details button next to the order that you wish to track.

If you didn't join to be UR8D's member:

*After you complete the order, system will send you the noification letter with

verification code, you can track your order by entering your verification code in

this page: https://www.ur8d.com/en/order/query



For overseas customers:

● Please contact us by sending message to us on Facebook to check the delivery status of your package.

● It takes 3-5 days to update your shipping number after your order has shipped.

● We promise you can receive the package, if it is seized by the customs, we will resend it to you or return the payment without shipment to you.

● If you have any further question about your order, kindly feel free to send message to us on Facebook.





Q6. Why Does My Online Card Payment Fail? 

A list of common reasons why payments fail:

● We currently accept only Visa, Mastercard, and JCB.

● Your credit card limit was reached (insufficient funds) Check your credit limit. You might have reached your daily or total credit card limit on the day you tried to charge your card. If this is the case, ask your credit card company to increase your limit.

● Your card doesn't accept charges from an online source. Make sure your card allows online transactions. If it doesn't, talk to your credit card company about allowing these charges. Or use another card.

● Your card doesn't allow international transactions If you're making payments from abroad, make sure your card accepts international charges. If it doesn't, ask your bank to change this or use another card.




 Q7. About Rewards

● Please make sure to log in first before shopping on UR8D to get rewards.

● 1 point= NT$1. You will get 50 points by join UR8D's member. 

● UR8D members get 50 points every Wednesday (4:30AM). The discount will expired at 11:59PM on Wednesday. (Taiwanese time)

●  If you have any further question about your rewards, kindly feel free to send message to us on Facebook.